Welcome to primary school De Veldrakker, a medium-sized school where everyone is welcome! We are happy to tell you more about our school and what makes us such a great school. The main language at our school is Dutch, also during parent-teacher meetings. But because we understand that Dutch is not the first language of many parents, we also provide the following information in English and Arabic.

The school

De Veldrakker is a public school in Nieuwegein. Our door is open to everyone and our school has an open character. We work in learning teams in which our teachers work on improving their own educational approach on a weekly basis by asking substantive research questions and preparing lessons. This ensures a great educational offer.

Fun in learning

Fun in learning is very important to us. If a child learns how to learn, it will go to school with a good feeling and can develop better. Both in the core subjects and social-emotionally. We involve students in their own learning process to increase their independence and ownership. They are allowed to discover what they want and what they are good at, which increases their self-confidence. We also like to involve you as a parent. At De Veldrakker we work with the triangle: parent-child-teacher and see parents as our partner in a child’s education. Together we ensure that children can learn and develop optimally so that they can step into the world with confidence.

First time at school

Some children are eager to start primary school, while other children may be a bit more nervous about it. At De Veldrakker we welcome your child with open arms and we take time to give your child a good start.
We advise parents to register their child when they are between the age of 2,5 and 3. It is of course also possible to do this earlier and we do not have a waiting list. We will contact you about six months before your child's fourth birthday to exchange information. You will also receive a welcome card about six weeks in advance, at which time we inform you about the group in which your child has been placed.
We want to give new students a safe and secure feeling when they start school. A couple of weeks before the first official day at school, your child will therefore come to school for several half days to get to know their new group and teacher at their own pace. This way your child can get used to the rhythm and daily schedule at school.

English, BOUW and giftedness

At De Veldrakker, we pay extra attention to English. Students receive English from group 1 through 8. The children get English lessons, and we also use English working within themes for different subjects. In addition, we pay attention to internationalization by seeking contact with other primary schools in the world. At the end of group 8, students take a test in reading, writing and speaking the language and receive a special certificate during a festive conclusion of the English program.

BOUW is a computer-based intervention program that is used in grades 2 through 4 to ensure that children at risk of problems with reading and spelling receive extra help. These students are paired up with tutors form our higher groups. Together they practice 2 to 3 times a week for 20 minutes at school. Early detection and help through this teaching program help prevent reading problems. The assessment for each BOUW component is done by an education expert, so that we can keep a close eye on how the student is developing.

Extra challenge
For some students, the offered regular education in the classroom is not enough. They often master the subject matter faster than their classmates. These children have special educational needs as well. This too is taken into account at De Veldrakker.
Once a week these students, from group 2 to 8, go with teacher Maarten to work on more complex assignments or extra subjects, such as philosophy or ICT skills. The children often work project based and in a way that challenges their creativity. Examples of projects in our program include designing a “tiny house” to scale, creating a podcast and creating a digital magazine.
The lessons are mainly focused on the approach of an assignment and less on the result. It is important that the children gain insight into their own learning process. Perseverance and being allowed to make mistakes are very important.


If you and your child would like to see our school and experience the atmosphere, you are more than welcome to come over for an introductory meeting and tour of the school!
During the introductory meeting, we take time to get to know you and your child. We are happy to tell you about our school and do a tour of the groups. It is best to do this during school hours so that you can get a good feel of the day to day atmosphere. We are also curious about what you are looking for in a school and are happy to answer all your questions.

For an introductory meeting and tour, please contact our director Diana van Vulpen. He can be reached by telephone (030–6035935) or by email (info@veldrakker.nl).

Are you enthusiastic about our school and would you like to register your child?
Please fill in the online registration form.